Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exposing UNCC Chair & UIWU President James Tabor (By Biological Son)

*I believe someone from UNCC should investigate the application/resume of Professor & Chair James Daniel Tabor. James Tabor is NOT married to Lori Woodall, the two actually divorced before James came to UNCC & I believe James Tabor lied about his marital status when applying to UNCC.

Dan Tabor

(James Tabor's biological son)

Molestation By My Father, James Daniel Tabor (current Chair of Religious Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte & President of United Israel World Union)

Dan Tabor, July 10th, 2011

Last week I received an email from a woman I had previously met at James Tabor's 2008 United Israel World Union Conference named Joanna Garrett. She described to me-in brief-she is, “I am your Father's latest affair...etc...” I still have the email saved as proof.

Now I need to point out the fact Lori Woodall divorced James Tabor approximately two years after they were married & they never legally remarried again as far as I know? Yet they both keep up a marriage “charade” for James Tabor's career, including listing 'marriage' on all of their online social networking pages.
I know of atleast four extra-marital affairs-Lori Woodall-Jim's first when formerly married to my Mother Linda Tabor. However this ISN'T a blog about James Tabor's affairs, in all actuality, WHO CARES, Right?

During the late 1970's my family built our first family home in a suburb of South Bend Indiana, called Granger Indiana. The neighborhood was named 'Farmington Square'.

Inside that home-and albeit this is a repressed memory from atleast 31 years ago & one that has taken me over a week to muster the guts to tell-this is what happened. Let's begin with last week's email from Joanna Garrett (however her name is spelled?). I believe her because I have personally seen my Father commit adulterous affairs in the past, so one more allegation doesn't shock me. I don't plan on communicating with her or my Father in the future and IF my Father EVER approaches me in the future, VERY, VERY Bad things WILL happen to him. Hopefully He will stay home in Charlotte and life goes on peacefully for everyone.

The email from Joanna (and again, I do believe she is truthful) angered me to a point I haven't felt in a very long time, since my Father's affair with Lori Noonan in San Antonio Texas in 2002. I believe this immense anger somehow psychologically sparked a repressive memory from childhood and one involving child molestation by my Father. It is only one memory but quite a disturbing one. My Father is a life long alcoholic and abused my Mother often. He came home severely intoxicated most evenings & one time while I was watching television alone in the downstairs family room (the room with the fire place), He laid on top of me and began fondling my nipples. Probably the most sickening thing I remember was my Father's drunken, beer stenched breath kissing on the back of my neck and ear lobes while He reached around my front side to fondle my nipples with a single arm.

I was face down & He was pressed very heavily on top of me. James did not get naked or fondle my genitals as far as I can remember, but for atleast ten minutes did whisper very twisted and perverted comments in my ear, along the lines of, “The first sign of a boy becoming a man is his nipples getting hard, yours feel nice Danny Boy, etc...”-keep in mind this was over 30 years ago & I was probably under the age of 12.

While fondling my nipples and whispering his near choking God-aweful alcohol stinch, James also pushed his crotch into my backside, normally squeezing my nipples harder with each thrust. Again, we were both fully clothed and I am guessing this incident lasted approximately 10 to 15 minutes and to this date hold no further memory of any other incidents.

Once this repressed memory came back, I actually walked away from my home and family to atleast contemplate committing suicide. Keep in mind if this actually physically happens to someone, anyone... it swirls all kinds of emotions, while also bringing back every retched memory. I could literally smell my father's breath & hear his voice all over again as if it happened yesterday. All I wanted to do was die, but thankfully Tammy was around & also thankfully a good friend on Facebook by the name of Jimmy Carter talked me out of seeking revenge on Jim or retaliating violently in the future. Overall I felt deeply humiliated & filthy, even all these years later.

I had an extremely hard time sleeping since Joanna's email and just last night slept for the first time in atleast a week.
Tammy and I are currently relocating out of North Carolina and really request James, Lori and ALL of James Tabor's “cronies” who have been emailing & slamming us to just PLEASE STOP and allow our family to seek counseling/healing & carry on with our lives privately. As I've already mentioned, I plan to legally change my name in court soon & am even moving out of State just to make sure I do NOT flip out and decide to seek revenge.

I end with a REAL Soul & gut check for ANY ONE associated with my biological Father, James Daniel Tabor. Do you take Torah & your faith seriously? Do you believe the 10 Commandments are relevant and adultery is infact listed amongst them? Also, for those of you who believe James Tabor has approached, hit on, adulterized with or in any way fondled you in the past, do NOT be silent! I used to believe and trust my Father, but no longer. He is a VERY SAVAGE Animal!!!

James has gone through very childish & hideous measures of asking even my own Mother to write me an email of rebuke. My Mother knows the truth. If any one knows James Tabor, it's my Mother. That should sink-in!